About Us

Brave Heart Fight Gear is the most outgoing and the leading company now a days that got the house of success in some of the recent years by their hard work and by receiving full attention to the requirements of the customer . We are main manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of (Boxing Gloves,Grapling Gloves,Bag Gloves,Karate Mitts,Weight Lifting Gloves,Training Gear,Punching Bags,Focus Pads,Kick Shields,Punching Balls,Taekwondo Racket,Protective Gear,Head Guards,Shin Guard,Body Protectors,Elasticated Products,Mouth Guards,Wrist Wraps,Thai Pads,Foot Protector,Fight Wears,Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Suits,Judo Suits,Karate Suits,Taekwondo Suits,Boxing Shorts,Muay Thai Shorts,MMA Shorts,Rash Guard Shirts,Fitness & Accessories,Skipping Rope,Weight lifting belts,Medicine Balls etc..
Brave heart MMA Gear is the sound known company that has been involved in the manufacturing and provides quality products. It was build in 2001 the mother concern company by the time it is the well published company in SIALKOT.